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The Gospel of Luke

St. Luke’s Gospel serves as the focus for the Sunday Readings during Liturgical Year C. Probably written between 80 and 90AD, Luke’s two-volume work, the gospel and Acts of the Apostles, addresses the day-to-day concerns of the early Christian communities. He presents the words and deeds of Jesus as guides for Christian disciples. No gospel writer is more concerned than Luke is with the mercy and compassion of Jesus, the role of the Spirit in the life of a disciple, the importance of prayer, or Jesus’ concern for women.

The Liturgical Year 2021-2022

Now more than ever, we see the need to imitate the mercy and compassion of Jesus. Poverty, homelessness and addiction are visible throughout the world. The Gospel of Luke calls upon the Christian disciple to identify with the master, Jesus, who is caring and tender toward the poor, the outcast, the sinner and the afflicted.


This is a season of preparation, anticipation, waiting and penance. The Scripture readings call us to be vigilant and hopeful and, through patient waiting, to cultivate peace within ourselves and in our world. Luke offers us the courage to keep on being like Jesus who cared for the human race—every lost one.

As disciples in the midst of suffering, confusion, unrest and anxiety, let us look long and deep into the darkness as God the Father did at creation. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to once again bring order out of chaos and enkindle in us the fire of his love. The love of the Holy Spirit is the same love that is simply yet profoundly made Flesh in the Incarnation: Emmanuel, “God-with-us”. Christ’s birth is the light that shatters the darkness. Let us prepare for Christ’s coming!

Week 1

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Week 2

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Week 3

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Week 4

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