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CMC Heart & Hands Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the CMC Heart & Hands Scholarship, students must:

  • be entering grades 7-12 the following academic year
  • be enrolled at a diocesan Catholic school in New Hampshire
  • complete a scholarship application

Scholarship Value

Any student enrolled in grades 7-12 in a New Hampshire diocesan Catholic school 

Grades 7-8: One (1) - $1,500.00 scholarship

Grades 9-12: One (1) - $2,500.00 scholarship

Scholarship awards will be credited to a student’s tuition balance when enrollment paperwork is processed. Scholarship funds will be applied to the remaining tuition balance after a student’s financial aid is disbursed and applied to the tuition fee.

Application Process Timeline

March 5, 2023
Online application system opens

May 5, 2023
Application deadline – Completed materials must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. on May 5                                                

Date TBA
Scholarship winners will be announced at each school’s spring (awards) banquet/assembly                                                  


We want to recognize your capacity to lead and serve. The CMC Heart & Hands Scholarship is presented to two students entering grades 7-12 who have made a significant contribution or impact in their community.

Catholic Medical Center (CMC) has a long-standing commitment to caring for our community, serving more than 180,000 patients each year under our one mission: to carry out Christ’s healing ministry by offering health, healing and hope to every individual who seeks our care.

CMC’s compassionate care extends beyond the advanced clinical services we offer patients in our facilities. We are in the community, supporting vital programs and services to meet health needs of the most vulnerable and medically underserved populations. Annually, CMC provides millions of dollars worth of care to our community. These include health services, such as: behavioral health services, Healthcare for the Homeless, Poison Dental Facility, primary care services for the underserved and underinsured, and services offered at CMC’s Pregnancy Care Center. Additionally, based on needs identified in the Greater Manchester Community Health Needs Assessment, CMC provides community-based health education, prevention and supportive programs, including: health screenings provided at little or no cost to community members, Medication Assistance Program, patient transportation services, and services through our Parish Nurse Program.

Similarly, Catholic schools promote service as an essential component of their curriculum. Many Catholic schools engage students of all ages in service programs. Catholic school students learn that community is at the heart of who we are. There are no strangers, only brothers and sisters in the Lord. Therefore, students have a responsibility to respond to the needs of others because we are all part of God's family.

How to Apply

Do you meet or exceed the criteria above? If you answered yes, complete the sponsorship application online by May 5, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST