High School Curriculum

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High School Curriculum

NH Catholic high schools employ a Faith Forward curricula that focus on innovation and on preparing students for the world they will inherit as adults. When students are known, when they feel valued, they have more opportunity to learn without distractions.

Having undergone a college-preparatory curriculum, our graduates attend some of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation. Our academic program is strong. Students in our schools average a 1650 SAT score (Math, Critical Reading, Writing), nearly 100 points higher than the NH state average, and roughly 200 points higher than the national average. Our high schools offer numerous honors and Advanced Placement courses. iPads and integrated technology are part of the everyday classroom and teachers’ passion for educating is why the average tenure for a NH Catholic high school teacher is 18 years.

A school family that plays together stays together. Our schools are rich in tradition, building community at the start of freshman year. Competitive athletics, community service, and extracurricular offerings build upon the student experience, becoming an extension of the classroom.

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