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Community. A home away from home. A safe haven. A place of God. However you describe our Catholic Schools, one theme remains the same: Catholic schools matter. 

These schools matter, not only to the families who choose to enroll their children, but to the leaders and educators who help to form each student. Catholic schools matter during a time where society would argue otherwise. Lessons learned in Catholic schools extend far beyond the confines of a classroom. Whether it is pre-school or high school, the children who enroll in Catholic school will experience a rich Catholic identity in our Faith-Forward curriculum. Providing a robust, 21st-century education for students of all learning styles while bearing witness to our faith and providing a welcoming community for all.

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Financial Aid Programs

More than half of our families receive some form of financial aid or scholarship. Learn how your family might qualify.

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Preparatory academics, home-like atmosphere, strong support and an even stronger faith. Learn more about Catholic School education.

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In the spirit of our Catholic identity, our schools are committed to preparing our students for the future in which they will live, with a strong mind and a caring heart. Learn more about our faith-forward curriculum.

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