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Act Now: HB 1283 - Your Help is Needed

Committee Vote March 6, 2024

Physician-assisted suicide once again has been proposed in New Hampshire. HB 1283 would legalize assisted suicide. The House Judiciary Committee will vote on the bill on March 6, and the full House will vote as early as March 14.

In order to help defeat this bill, the Diocese is working alongside the NH Coalition for Suicide Prevention, a diverse group that includes health care providers, veterans, and people with disabilities and their advocates. The Church teaches that suicide is always a tragedy and that a caring community should respond with hospice and palliative care to better meet the needs of those facing the end of life.

Thank you to all who signed in to oppose HB 1283, or contacted a legislator, or came to the HB 1283 hearing. The final tally of the remote sign-in portal: 658 in support, 1125 opposed!

You can view the hearing here: House Judiciary (02/07/2024) - YouTube

What can you do now?

If you have not yet done so:

  1. Before March 6, please contact the members of the Judiciary Committee and respectfully ask them to pay heed to the dangers raised by people with disabilities, veterans, young people, nursing home administrators, hospitals, and others, and reject HB 1283.

    House Judiciary Committee

  2. Please contact your House members, and respectfully share your opposition to HB 1283. Ask them to stand up for people with disabilities, veterans, young people, and our seniors.

    The New Hampshire House of Representatives -  Contact Information

Stay tuned to this webpage for further information.

DOWNLOAD the flyer on how to stop state-approved assisted suicide

Testimony Against HB 1633

January 17, 2024 – The Diocese of Manchester submitted written and oral testimony to register opposition to HB 1633, which would legalize marijuana.  

Testimony Against CACR 24

January 4, 2024 – The Diocese of Manchester submitted written and oral testimony against CACR 24, a proposed New Hampshire State Constitutional Amendment that would make abortion a constitutional right.