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How to Get Parable

Who gets Parable?

Parable Magazine is a parish-based subscription format. This means that all the registered members of a subscribing parish receive the magazine. It also means that if a parish does not subscribe, then members of that parish do not receive Parable in their homes.

Why can’t I subscribe as an individual, like with other magazines?

Parable is not like any other magazine. It is a gift from your parish. We are often asked why we do not offer individual subscriptions.

Parable was founded with a primary mission of evangelization, and offering subscriptions would mean only those who are strong in their faith would receive it. Our goal is to reach all Catholics, with the hope that Parable will enliven their faith.

To that end, the Diocese of Manchester mails Parable to all registered parishioners in a subscribing parish. This includes thousands of Catholics who do not regularly attend Mass, but remain registered with a parish. For many, this is the only Catholic material they receive in their homes. To offer parishioners individual subscriptions would compromise the mission of evangelization.

So who pays for Parable?

The magazine is paid for by three groups:

Sponsors and Advertisers: The magazine is heavily subsidized by our sponsors — New Hampshire Catholic Charities, Catholic Medical Center, and St. Joseph Hospital — and by the Diocese of Manchester. Also, 10% of the magazine is sold to advertisers — Catholic organizations within New Hampshire.

Parishes: The current annual cost of Parable for a parish is $2.75 per family (that is $.46 per issue). When a parish subscribes, the Parable staff helps clean up the parish’s mailing list so only current parishioners receive the magazine. This mailing list is then maintained as a complimentary service for each parish.

Individual Donations: Annually Parable holds a donation drive during the season of Lent. Half of every dollar given to this appeal will go directly to your parish to help cover the cost of Parable. The other half offsets the overall cost of producing the magazine not covered by parish participation. One hundred percent of every dollar you give goes directly to support Parable.

What can I do to help bring Parable to my parish?

The success of Parable can only come with the support of parishioners who can help us articulate the need for Parable in a parish, and can work with a pastor to bring it to your whole community.

Speak with Your Pastor: Often we hear from pastors that they don’t think their parishioners want to receive the magazine or that there is not enough interest and support. If you see the value of Parable, speak with your pastor and fellow parishioners.

Sponsor Parable: If you want to get Parable, consider either sponsoring your parish or contacting us about building a sponsorship network in your parish. Or if you are interested in helping us bring the magazine to your parish and want to learn more, please contact us at

Group Fundraising: We strongly encourage fundraising and soliciting of parishioner donations. We have heard of some parishes where one group of people (e.g. Knights of Columbus or a women’s prayer group) that have made bringing Parable to the parish part of their mission as a group.

Can I make a donation directly to Parable?

Direct donations to Parable help to support the overall production of the magazine and ensure that the cost to the parishes will not increase. Donations are not payment for a subscription.

If you would like to make a donation to Parable, contact us at

Or send your donation to:

Parable Magazine
153 Ash Street
Manchester, NH 03104-4396