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Mission Moment

A Deep-Rooted Mission and Supportive Culture Brought Erin Tully Back to St. Joseph Hospital

Erin Tully is a clinical nurse manager in St. Joseph Hospital’s Endoscopy department. However, this wasn’t her first experience working at the hospital.

Tully grew up in Dunstable, Massachusetts. Her family has owned and run Tully Farms Dairy for six generations.

“I was fortunate to grow up on a working farm,” shares Tully. “I saw first-hand the hard work, dedication and community involvement it took to keep things running smoothly.”

Tully’s connection to St. Joe’s began in high school. She was interested in pursuing a nursing career and became a junior volunteer at the hospital. In that role, Tully supported teams in the medical-surgical, physical therapy and endoscopy departments. She volunteered for years, returning during vacation and summer breaks.

She says, “I absolutely loved it! Being at St. Joe’s felt like being with family. There was always a prevailing sense that everybody cared for one another and that the mission of providing healing care for the whole person was everyone’s top priority.”

When Tully was in college, majoring in nursing, she worked as a patient care technician. When she graduated, she went on to complete a nursing residency program. After three years as a nurse, she decided to focus her career on endoscopy.

Tully shares, “It was at that time I heard St. Joseph Hospital had an opening for a staff nurse on the Endoscopy team. St. Joe’s always had a big piece of my heart. I quickly decided it was where I wanted to grow my career. When I returned, it felt like I had come full circle. I was now in a professional role excelling in a specialty and feeling inspired by a mission.”

After only a year, Tully was recognized for her skills and devotion to compassionate care with a promotion to clinical nurse manager. In this role, she oversees a team of 25. She also began pursuing a master’s degree in nursing, which she expects to complete in 2024.

“I’m proud to be part of St. Joe’s. I’m supported, and encouraged to grow, by my staff, colleagues and leadership,” says Tully. “We’re focused on high-quality patient care and the genuineness of our commitment to mission is palpable throughout every department and practice. I feel truly blessed and I want to extend that wonderful feeling to all of our patients.”

St. Joseph Hospital’s Mission is to provide healing care for the whole person in service to all in our communities.

The team is committed to honoring the core values of:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence.

St. Joseph Hospital is a member of Covenant Health.

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