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Mission Moment

St. Joseph Hospital: Welcoming Diversity, Weaving Cultures and Building Communities

More than 110 years ago, a large French-Canadian population began immigrating to Greater Nashua to work in the mills. They were profoundly Catholic, had large families, celebrated their culture and spoke French. They were different and they were despised for it.

Enter Msgr. Henri Milette, pastor of St. Louis de Gonzague Parish. A visionary, leader and champion of Nashua’s French-Canadians, Milette founded St. Joseph Hospital. Initially, the hospital was staffed by nurses and physicians who spoke French. Milette felt strongly that if community members could not speak English, they would not get the care they needed.

Kevin Flynn, vice-president of mission integration at St. Joseph Hospital, shares, “Our commitment to care for those in need, and who may be different, continues today with a variety of diverse, compassionate and inclusive initiatives.”

St. Joseph’s mission is not only to provide healing and care for the whole person, in service to all in our communities, it is also to deliver:

  • Best in class interpreter services, which provides over 240 languages for patients and their families.

    It’s not a coincidence that interpreter services falls under the hospital’s mission department. Today, interpreters are most frequently requested for those who speak Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and American Sign Language.

    “It’s important that a provider can effectively communicate with a patient, so they can provide the appropriate care and services needed,” says Rosemary Ford, system director of interpreter services. “Our professional interpreters are part of the medical team and offer the opportunity for providers to connect with their limited English proficient patients by bridging linguistic and cultural gaps that may be misconstrued without the aid of a qualified interpreter.”
  • Systemwide diversity, equity and inclusion program that celebrates diversity and offers a welcoming, inclusive environment for all staff.

    Glory Wabe, clinical nurse manager and long-time employee, shares, “I enjoy the distinct diversity of our community. Our team members, across all our departments, are from many different counties, cultures and backgrounds.”
  • Catholic social ministry that emphasizes our focus on proactively, consistently and empathetically serving the poor, oppressed and sick.

    Flynn says, “If you’re new to the area, if you’re a first generation from anywhere or if you need a helping hand, we want the community to know the St. Joseph Hospital team is second to none when it comes to welcoming, understanding, accepting and caring for all those in our community.”

To learn more about St. Joseph Hospital, its mission, interpreter services and more, please visit stjosephhospital.com.

St. Joseph Hospital is a member of Covenant Health.

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