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Pictured above: Shannon Lavertu with her grandnephews, Dominic, 7, (center) and Eric, 15. The Berlin mother is caring for the children as well as two adopted boys. She also is a Kinship Navigator with the Kinship Navigator Program, which links grandparents and other family caregivers with resources, support groups and connections throughout the state. Kinship Navigators, she says, are a “lifeline” for those thrust into the role of family caregiver and the stigma and isolation that often come with it. (Photo by Jeff Dachowski)

No Greater Love

Grandparents raising grandchildren through addiction, stigma and loss

By Paul McAvoy | Photography by Jeff Dachowski

Lauren Rollins and her husband were in their late 50s, semi-retired and eager to begin enjoying their golden years. They sold their house, bought a Winnebago and planned to spend summers at a campground. Instead, they found themselves in a courtroom waiting for a judge to grant their application for an emergency ex parte order to take custody of Lauren’s two granddaughters. Lauren’s daughter, the mother of the two young girls, had relapsed into drug use.

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top PARABLE Feature 0922Being more Mary, less Martha

Windham author Claire McGarry’s book invites us to leave our cares at Jesus’s feet

By Hannah Beaudry | Photography by Matthew Lomanno

Claire McGarry begins each writing day in prayer. When she goes to her writing desk, a photo of a large fishing net, suspended over the coastal waters, stares down from the nearby bulletin board. It reminds her of her calling. Like the disciples Jesus called to be fishers of men, Claire sees her own vocation as casting a net and bringing people to God through her writing.

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Dear Father Kerper

Silence in Church: Creating Sacred Space to Hear God Speak

Dear Father Kerper: Because of my work schedule, I go to Mass at two different parishes. One is very noisy. People talk to one another about trivial things and most never genuflect or even bow towards the altar. I find it impossible to pray. The other parish is very quiet and their early morning Mass has no music. I find myself wanting to escape the more noisy church. Are there any clear rules about talking in church?

Yes and no. Yes regarding silence during the celebration of Mass. No regarding talking in church.

The rules about silence appear in the Church’s official guide for celebrating the Eucharist, which is known as the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM). It has 18 specific references to silence at Mass. In addition, one norm (No. 45) governs everything else: “Sacred silence also, as part of the celebration, is to be observed at designated times.” Note the words “as part of the celebration.” This emphasizes that silence is an integral element of all liturgical worship.

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They’re Back!

When Adult Kids Return Home

When I began searching for statistics on adult children living at home in New Hampshire, the first several Google results were: "How do I kick my son out of the house?" "When should you ask your child to leave home?" and, more delicately, "Spatial distance between parents and adult children in the home."

Not a scientific survey, but it gives us a read on the general temperature regarding this topic. It's a tricky one! We love our kids, but sometimes they're easier to love when they live somewhere else – especially when they're trying to establish their own, independent lives. However, housing is very expensive, and COVID has capsized so many plans.

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